Life Sucks Then You Die

The tag line for this site is “find love and be happy”. A simple and descriptive line, but make no mistake the finding love part is difficult, and holding on to that feeling of happiness has been a burning struggle for people for a millenia.

Revolutions have occurred because people were unhappy with their lot in life. Falling in love with someone else is easily one of the most satisfying and fulfilling parts of life. It can lead to a powerful sensation of completeness and happiness. To the point where you don’t need anything else because you don’t want anything else. I hope everyone reading this to experience it. So why is it so freaking hard for some people? Finding that love is a hidden journey of tremendous personal growth, and you don’t even realize it. Many people are living quite lives of desperation. Life sucks then you die. Go to work, go home, then go to work, then go home. Then you die.

That scenario does suck, and it does not make for a happy life. It makes you believe that life does suck, and then you die.

Everyone wants that attractive, intelligent, fun, adventurous person who makes good money and treats others well, but people like that don’t exist or the frequency of meeting one like that is far and in-between. Right? Well to demand a person like that, you first have to become a person like that. Finding true love goes a lot deeper than “top ten date ideas”. Style, appearance, elegance, and virtues can all play into your success in attracting someone. However all that attraction starts with yourself. It starts with being happy.

Being happy is a feeling, but it is not just about feeling good. Happiness is not just hedonistic. If it were, then drug addicts would be the happiest people on the planet. Its no mistake that drug abusers call getting high their “fix”. Pursuit of feeling happy can often be a very unhappy pursuit. Its not just drug abusers though. We all tend to hold on to happiness with a strangle hold, killing it, instead of holding it lightly. We do things that feel good for the moment, then afterward feel awful, and say to ourselves I’m never doing that again! Until we all wise up a bit, were all just generally trying to get our “fix”. Instead of trying to pursue happiness, under-mind the natural response of avoiding unhappiness. Learn to accept all aspects of life and hopefully that will release you from trying to get your happiness “fix”.